TV Advertising

TV Advertising in the United States has many more options than any time in the history of TV Advertising. With Broadcast TV, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Streaming TV and now Over The Top TV options it can be very difficult to decide how and when to use a specific platform for your TV advertising needs. That’s where NMS can help. With instant access to the rates of most TV Stations, Cable Systems, Satellite Systems and all major over the top streaming Platforms, NMS can help you plan, launch and track your National, Regional or Local TV advertising media plans.

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Broadcast & Cable Shows

So what does the TV advertising world look like in 2021?

Total TV Households in the USA: 120.2+ million

Total Cable Subscriber TV Households in the USA: 60+ million

Total Satellite Subscriber TV Households in the USA: 30+ million

HD or SD Households with antenna systems on their roof in the USA: 20+ million

Over The Top TV (OTT) estimated at: 75% (The vast majority of US homes estimated at 85%+ have some form of both paid TV and OTT.)

Total TV Stations in the USA as of 2021: 1800+

Major Broadcast TV Networks: 5

National Cable/Satellite Networks: 250+

TV Advertising Dollars in The USA (in Billions):

  • 2010: $58.28
  • 2011: $59.25
  • 2012: $64.16
  • 2013: $64.18
  • 2014: $67.31
  • 2015: $65.19
  • 2016: $69.92
  • 2018: $67.84
  • 2018: $72.60
  • 2019: $69.39
  • 2020: $75.52/$80.00

Source: Statista

Major TV Updates In The Past 5 Years

High Definition Television:

HDTV is a high-quality video standard developed to replace older video formats often referred to as SDTV (standard definition television). While HDTV’s video quality is one of the most noticeable improvements over SDTV, HDTV includes a number of other important improvements as well. The HDTV signal is digital. Instead of an analog signal, used by traditional NTSC broadcasts, HDTV is always digital. HDTV uses a different aspect ratio than SDTV. While previous broadcasts used a 4:3 ratio (4 units wide for every 3 units tall), HDTV uses a ratio of 16:9. This wider aspect ratio more closely emulates how humans see the world, making the image appear more realistic. This ratio is also better for watching widescreen movies, which are recorded in widescreen for the same reason. True to its name, high definition television offers a much higher resolution than standard definition video. HDTV’s higher resolution produces images that are much finer and contain more detail and more color than previous formats. HDTV also provides a higher-quality digital audio signal and supports up to six audio channels compared to the two channels allowed previously.

Over-The-Top TV- (OTT, Over-The-Top Video, Over-The-Internet Video):

Over-the-top is a general term for service that you utilize over a network that is not offered by broadcast, cable or satellite via online streaming service or services. Hulu, Roku and Netflix are the top OTT Networks in 2021. Comcast now offers Netflix, Hulu, Peacock and Disney+ as part of its network available package lineup. Often there are similar TV shows to the service your network operator offers, and by the over-the-top provider offers.

Launch Your TV Commercial with NMS

At National Media Spots, we have exclusive access to media rate cards which allow us to provide an insight in the process of planning, launching, and tracking your TV commercial, and TV advertising campaign.

Additionally, we also have immediate access to other important data that includes cable TV ratings, cable news ratings, broadcast TV ratings, and more. This data is vital when it comes to planning a media advertising campaign because it lets you pick the networks, times, and even shows where your TV commercial will reach your audience more effectively.

Reach Your Audience with NMS’ Interconnects

At National Media Spots, our cable, broadcast, and satellite interconnects can effectively position your TV commercial in your audience’s household. Whether you’re looking for full national coverage, or regional coverage, NMS can help you market your product or service at unbeatable rates.

With our exclusive access to updated media rankings, we also have insight into cable TV ratings, cable news ratings, and more to help you choose the right media, time and program to promote your TV commercial.

National Cable Networks

With coast-to-coast cable TV advertising, NMS can put your TV commercial in front of more than 104 million US households.

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Local Broadcast TV

Through local broadcast TV, your TV commercial can access up to 114 million households including sports, news, and spanish language TV.

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Regional Cable Interconnects

Your TV commercial can reach up to 53 million US households through NMS’ regional cable interconnects.

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Local Satellite TV

Position your TV commercial in the fastest growing TV platform today with NMS. Local Satellite TV includes more than 100 national networks with incredible reach and targeted TV advertising.

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Local Cable TV

Local cable interconnects provide great targeted reach, placing your TV commercial in up to 69 million US households.

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