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Google Analytics and other analytics programs count a bounce as any single-page session. If our clickers visit your site, stay on one page only, and then leave, that is counted as a bounce.

The good news is you can add a second URL to your order (at no extra cost). Our clickers will visit the second URL after the timer finishes for the first URL, and Google Analytics will no longer consider this visit as a bounce.

That said, it’s important to know that bounce rate is *not* an SEO ranking factor. See this article for more. (Summary of the article: Google Search does not use Google Analytics data, and does not even know if a bounce has occurred. Your site’s bounce rate has no impact on your SEO rankings.)

“Engagement”, however, is a factor. If our clicker clicked on your result, then immediately clicked Back to the SERPs, this would not help, as Google Search would register this as low-engagement. But that is not what happens. Instead, the clicker stays on your site for a period of at least 1-2 minutes. Then when the time is complete, the browser tab automatically closes — the clicker NEVER clicks the ‘BACK’ button. THEN, they are required to wait another 30-60 seconds before beginning their next click order, which is done in a new browser tab. Google Search may register that the same visitor has returned, but the visitor will be using a new tab and at least 90-120 seconds will have elapsed since the last search. Thus, your click through rate has been increased, and the engagement signal remains strong, despite what Google Analytics may be showing.